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Anna Mayne

Anna is a senior instructor and teaches the BJJ Comp Focus classes on Saturdays.  Anna has been grappling since 2004 and fought her first MMA fight the following year and, needless to say, won.  She has since fought at semi-pro and pro level and has a clean record having won every fight. Anna is the two-time brown belt IBJJ European Champion 2013, 2014 and took Bronze at the IBJJ World Championships in 2013.  

Anna was awarded her well deserved Black belt by Professor David Onuma amd Master Ricardo De La Riva in November 2014.  Since then, she has won silver at IBJJF European Championships 2015 and taken double gold at IBJJF Gothenburg Open 2015.  

Anna has a PHD in particle physics and applies her cerebral approach to training and coaching in BJJ and MMA.  She uses her calm demeanour and fight experience to help Martyn to corner the competition team.

Anna Mayne's Stats


Anna Mayne
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


+ BJJ Black Belt
+ Bronze - IBJJF World's
+ Silver - IBJJF Euro's
+ PhD - Particle Physics

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