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At Fighting Fit Manchester, we know that good relationships help to support excellent training.


We are proud to be affiliated with Combined Fighting Systems (CFS) for our BJJ programme. Professor David Onuma, Black Belt 1 st Degree, is a seasoned martial artist with over 30 years continuous training and also the 5 times European IBJJF Champion.  David is now a personal student and representative of Mestre Ricardo De La Rivre and was awarded his first degree by him in December 2012.

CFS BJJ is a registered academy with the International Brazilian Jiujitsu Federation (IBJJF). The group is committed to continual development in the art of BJJ via internal and external training and to provide ‘centres of excellence’ for those interested in learning the gentle art whether for self defence or competition.

CFS BJJ is fast becoming one of the UK’s established BJJ teams, having produced champions at various levels in some of the premier competitions including the World Championships, European championships, SENI, Brighton Open, Grapplers showdown and the English open.

Our motto is ‘Intelligent combat’

FaMA - Fitness and Martial Arts, Singapore

We are also lucky enough to be affiliated with FaMA, Singapore. Visiting members can enjoy the use of the host academy facilities to the same extent as their own membership privileges at their home academy.

Hatton Academy 

Our boxing instructor, Adam Taylor, is an Elite Level Hatton coach and delivers Hatton ABC classes. 


- Keysi
- Muay
- Thai