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Carol Fan

Carol is one of our senior students and sets a great example for the less experienced members.  She is fun but focused and contributes loads to the gym atmosphere and ethos.

"I first started submission grappling in 2003, I was introduced (‘dragged in’) to the sport by Rosi Sexton. For two years, I trained primarily in no gi and wrestling where I built up some fundamentals and basic techniques for general grappling. I then took a break from the sport and slowly began to train in no gi again in 2010. After being awarded my purple belt in BJJ in 2012, I have trained very regularly since then. I enjoy grappling as a whole, it provides both physical and mental challenges. The beauty of BJJ is that it is very technical and it is constantly evolving, it is never ‘old’ or boring and there is always so much to learn! Beside from the technical side, I enjoy sparring too, it is very dynamic and I get to work on my timing and application of the techniques. Rolling around is surprisingly fun, satisfying and a little sweaty. BJJ has a lot to offer on or off the mat, it’s great that I have met so many lovely positive like minded people through the sport. My overall goal in BJJ is to improve, always get better and share what I know. It is definitely a hobby that can keep me mentally stimulated yet I can just play and ‘roll around’. Train hard, train smart but most importantly remember to have fun."

Carol Fan's Stats


Carol Fan
Martial Art:
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


+ BJJ Brown Belt
+ Bronze IBJJF World Championships 2014 (Purple)
+ Research Scientist (Cancer, Genetic field)

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