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CFS Wins Bronze

CFS Wins Bronze

We had a large team descending on this event from white belts to purple belts. Some competing for the first time, others having competed multiple times this year but all had fun and gave their best.

Pic of the day was close between Kieran and Oyinda but I think Oyinda edged it.

Quote of the day

Serge: "Of course my shoulder is OK. I'm Polish!"

Newly coined Term that we'll be submitting to the Urban Dictionary

"Going full Fran"

Meaning - to steal the souls of the living (in a jiu jitsu sense of course).

Sub of the day

Mike "Ovaltine" Woodhall with a beautiful baseball bat choke.

Best Snacks

Obviously this accolade belongs to Jess who brought wonderful and sugary treats for the team!

So - all in all it was a great day had by all and the team racked up enough points to take home the Bronze medal. An excellent result!