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Parajujitsu UAEJJF World Championships 2017

Parajujitsu UAEJJF World Championships 2017

The first ParaJiujitsu World Championships was held in Abu Dhabi as part of the UAEJJF World Pro Festival on the 14th April this year. CFSBJJ brown belt, Jay Cahill, was lucky enough to be invited as one of 12 ambassadors for the event and came away with a gold medal.

The event brought together over 60 disabled athletes in the first week of the festival from all over the globe including UK, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Australia and Kazakhstan. It provided the opportunity to network, train together and then compete on a more equal platform.

Athletes were addressed by Head Referee Alex Paz who explained the adaptations in the rules. Consideration was to be given to the specific needs of each individual in order for them to be able to score appropriately e.g. if an individual had a lower limb amputation but managed to take their opponent’s back, secure harness, one hook and position their hip to imply that they would be able to get the other hook, then they would be awarded points. These were important changes as, in able bodied competitions, athletes are usually not just at a physical disadvantage but also a disadvantage when it comes to scoring.

All athletes were treated with huge respect and appreciation from the organisers and the spectators. It was a fantastic event and a positive experience that the UAEJJF are committed to growing. Indeed, they have announced that para divisions will now be featured in 5 international grand slams.

Huge thanks should go to HH Sheik Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who entrusted the organisation and promotion of the event to Brazilian players Elcirley Luz Silva, Mario Edson and UAEJJF Events Organiser, Rodrigo Valerio.

Watch Jay's match for gold medal here 

Check out the event highlights video by following this link.