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Periodisation in BJJ

Periodisation in BJJ

Periodisation is essential for continued, injury free, physical, cognitive and psychological development. Periodisation can be programmed over the short, medium and long term.

In this post I'm going to focus on the short term. Training can be divided into different levels of intensity: low, medium and high. When creating a visual representation of your training cycle, you could colour code them green, amber and red. Let's say you're going to do ten hours of training a week. Five of these sessions should be green, three or four of them amber and one or two red.

Green sessions could include light aerobic activity, a technical BJJ session such as the syllabus class or a flow rolling session. Walking, cycling or a mobility session would also be appropriate, provided your heart rate is kept sufficiently low. You should comfortably be able to hold a conversation as an indicator of intensity.

The Amber sessions should be more challenging, perhaps here, we're pushing ourselves more and working our anaerobic system. BJJ sparring, which is competitive but not all out, is ideal. Weights, sprints, plyometric training could also be included in the category.

The red sessions are for intense sparring and personal bests, basically anything that is going to challenge and expand our comfort zone. The risk of injury is relatively high in these sessions, as is the toll taken on the body. That is why we keep competition class to one time a week.

Begin to plan your training more effectively to achieve maximum results. Ensure that you're including enough intensity to push you to the next level, but also time for recovery and technical development.

When deciding what forms of activity to include in your training regime, it all depends upon your goals. Personally, I believe that if you want to gain a high level of proficiency in a sport and have ten hours or less per week to devote to it, all of your training should be that sport. For BJJ this can be broken down into technique, drills, different forms of sparring and competition. Other forms of supplementary training can be added if we have ten hours plus.

Head Coach, Martyn Cahill