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Starting BJJ at Fighting Fit

Starting BJJ at Fighting Fit

Welcome to CFS BJJ Manchester

If you're ready to get started in BJJ, you might not be sure where to begin or what to do etiquette wise in class. Lots of gyms have very specific expectations about what you should wear, who you should train with, how to address people etc. Below, we clarify what we don't ask you to do and what we do expect from you. We don't think it's unreasonable so, we expect everyone to stick to it. If you're not sure of anything, ask your coach.

What we DO provide for you:

  • Planned, structured and high quality lessons

  • A curriculum spanning every belt to give you the opportunity to go from absolute beginner through to black belt

  • Instructors that understand concepts and principles and doesn’t just teach a list of techniques

  • A large, clean, well kept mat that you won’t catch anything nasty off

  • Male and female changing room, showers and gym facility

  • The opportunity to train with 2 black belts with over 25 years experience between them, 7 brown belts, 7 purple belts, more than 20 blue belts and over 30 mad, keen white belts

  • CFS membership, a team headed by 7 times IBJJF European Champion, David Onuma, a 2nd Dan De La Riva Black Belt with over 35 years experience in a range of martial arts, a hugely successful competitor and very talented and generous guy

  • Competition classes, seminars and gradings offering the highest quality training from CFS black belts and more for an affordable and discounted rate

  • Access to unlimited number of classes each week

What we DON'T ask you to do:

  • Buy a specific gi (costing anywhere from £150 upwards)

  • Call the instructor ‘sensei’

  • Bow on the mat, to the instructor or to each other

  • Follow a list of 27 rules

  • Only roll with people of your belt

  • Only mix with people of your belt

  • Train with ‘meat heads’ that will injure you and go for the kill every time

  • Jump in at the deep end and start sparring before you are ready

  • Pay elevated monthly fees

  • Pay a joining up fee

  • Pay a yearly membership fee

What we DO expect from you:

  • Loyalty, respect, pride

  • help us nurture a friendly, comfortable but productive environment; be focused during class

  • Be proud of your club and its member’s achievements, congratulate them and share their successes

  • Respect your training partners and show them this on the mat by considering their well-being

  • Respect your coaches by listening and following instruction, being on the mat in time for class, apologising if not

  • Respect yourself by working hard in class, asking questions when appropriate, taking notes and getting the best from each session

  • Read and understand the belt profiles and curriculum

  • Don’t leave the mat early, unless you have already arranged it with the instructor

  • Respect your gym by tidying up after yourself

  • At the end of class, tidy yourself up and put on your belt ready for lining up

  • Show your support for the club by having at least one patched gi to wear during seminars, gradings and if you choose to compete

  • Hard work, dedication, humility and fun