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Top 5 Benefits of Kettlebell training

Top 5 Benefits of Kettlebell training

A Bit of Kettlebell History: Kettlebell training has grown in popularity massively since the 1990’s. There are different accounts of how old the Kettlebell actually is and where is specifically was developed.

In more recent years, the Kettlebell revolution has progressed through the influence of two highly recognised strength & Conditioning instructors, Pavel Tsatsouline & Steve Maxwell. Pavel Tsatsouline was a physical-training instructor for Spetsnaz, the elite Soviet special-forces units. He utilised Kettlebells to develop strength & conditioning for soldiers. Steve Maxwell the Jiu-Jitsu legend was also a big influence in developing key Kettlebell exercises that he had learned from his wrestling coach. This partnership rediscovered an ancient form of training and shook up the strength & conditioning world.

Russian Kettlebell certification was born and so was Hardstyle KB training. Not to be confused with the sport style of Kettlebell training known as Girevik, which is a very different style of Kettlebell training.

I have been using Kettlebell’s for about 6 years and often get asked what the benefits are of Kettlebell training.

Below are my 5 top reasons why I feel Kettlebell training is a unique and highly effective way of training.