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Competition Team Training

Ready to take your martial arts seriously? Think you have what it takes to train hard, compete and win? We have a tight and successful competition team who have won accolades, medals and belts in boxing, MMA and Muay Thai. If you want to become part of this team, you can apply by emailing You must be dedicated, hard-working, receptive and ready to commit to a training timetable. With the comp team training package, you receive:

  • Access to all classes
  • Access to competition team training sessions only (2 per week)
  • Team strength and conditioning programme and session
  • Nutrition package, consultation and monitoring
  • Sports therapy treatments during training camp
  • Fight match-ups and corner support

If you are interested in testing your ability, please email

Class Information


Start End Class
11:00 12:00 Competition Team Training
11:00 12:00 Competition Team Training
16:30 17:30 Competition Team Training
There are no classes on this day

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