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Keysi by Justo Diéguez is a martial art for self-defence that originated in Spain more than 30 years ago. Keysi is called 'the martial art that comes from the heart' as it develops the human instinct to fight in self-defence, rather than being a mere collection of techniques. Keysi develops the mind, body and emotions in order to channel the individual's energy to survive unexpected violence. Keysi students become fluid and dynamic in their movements and learn to find a solution under pressure. Keysi is straight-forward to learn as it develops existing human instincts and works with, rather than against the body's natural movements. 

Keysi is for people who want to learn how to fight to defend themselves. We have students of both genders and all backgrounds, from those with no previous martial arts experience to those with a lot. Keysi is not a sport martial art, nor is it a historical re-enactment of the fighting styles of the past.

Keysi is for those who face the danger of physical violence today.

The hardest part about learning self defence is making the decision to come to a class.  At Fighitng Fit, we pride ourselves on having a friendly and supportive environment that is geared towards beginners and welcoming to people of all walks of life and abilities.

The risk of being the victim of physical violence is a reality for us all whether in the home, the street or even in the workplace. When this happens, it comes as a total shock and we are unprepared. However, every one of us is born with an instinct to fight by virtue of our evolution. This instinct may have been suppressed by our upbringing and daily life, but the potential lies beneath, ready to emerge.

Find out more at the Keysi Northwest Website here.

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